Wednesday 30 January 2008

A week late...

What a busy week! I won't bore y'all with the details, let's just say it all passed in a blur of school uniform, labels, new text books and plastic covers. At least I got to run around chasing a little ball around the hockey field on Friday evening, knowing full well that the reward was probably a drink at the bar, bliss.
I also had my first fall, a wonderful roll and tumble skid sort of thing that had me sprawled at the feet of the opposing team’s goal keeper. Thank goodness I was playing in tracksuit pants... slightly bruised ego and very sore knee. Of course the pain in the knee only made itself known when I awoke on Saturday morning but I was actually pleased about that because I wasn't hobbling around on the astro!

Jessica went out for dinner with her friends on Friday night, a farewell kind of thing and afterwards they all walked back to our place. Luckily I was home when they all arrived; I think Malcolm was doing the lesser known wife come home dance with his sticks around the fire. Unfortunately I had just got out of the shower, the temptation was very strong to embarrass the favourite oldest daughter and greet all her friends in my headpiece and strapless, just out of the shower number but common sense prevailed even though it was a matching towel set. After all Jessica had given me the speech before she went out about how not to embarrass your 14 year old. Her biggest worry was that I would “give out to her” in front of her friends, me???

Well I think we passed the test and slowly but surely they all trickled off home until there were two. Then out came THE expected question… “Please can they sleep?” Luckily we were prepared for it and had already decided that two was a manageable number so we sent all manner of linen up to the attic with a warning to Jess: “If you don’t want us to ‘give out’ to you, do not let us here you up there”.
On Saturday morning we made pancakes and the girls played Buzz followed by Monopoly and Cluedo. I absolutely loved having the extra bodies in the house, nothing beats watching the other personalities in your children come out to play when they are with their friends and they don’t know you’re looking. Jessica’s friends finally went home at about 18h00 and we made dinner and watched a movie with the kids.

Sunday was a day of ironing on clothing labels and covering text books in plastic and not much else, nice relaxed day to the end of a hectic week.

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