Thursday 3 January 2008

Leap year

Yep this year - 2008 is a Leap year. I like to think that this is a good thing for a few reasons...
1. J was conceived in a leap year too much information, but I had to get her on the list!
2. We were married in a leap year
3. K, M and I were all born in a leap year
Then another consideration I came up with...we moved to New York the year preceding a leap year AND we moved to Dublin the guessed it...preceding leap year.

2007 was a BIG year - moving countries and leaving friends, family and pets has been the hardest experience of our lives so far. We were lucky, Malcolm got a job quickly, we found our house and it came with the most amazing landlords and neighbours. The girls got into a decent school and in all those respects it was fairly plain sailing. The emotional side has been harder, I like to think I am a people person, my hubby has accused me of being a people person, as soon as we have people over and I am happily working away in the kitchen preparing a meal he always sidles up to me and in a low accusing voice says...."You love this" and he is right. Nothing beats friends, food and alcohol all in one place. Sadly we have not whipped out the cocktail book thus far and on 31 January we went shopping for last minute supplies Malcolm held up a lime and we smiled at the memories of our civilised Sunday noon lunch with friends that turned into 12 hours of fun with Kaprioskas, limes and rum being the key ingredients.
Now we have to start making memories again and I am sure we will, but building friendships like we had does take time. We have met some great people so far, sadly one of the couples we made friends with have just moved back to South Africa which is awful as Irene and I were partial to a glass of wine or a G&T together. We had a few memorable evenings, watching the rugby world cup, bbq's and a couple of dinners and now they are gone! We wish you all the very best in your new adventures.

And now to 2008 and what to do with it...I have no idea. Let me think a little and get back to you on that one. I am not one for making resolutions which is probably why at the end of every year I feel like I have achieved nothing. One thing I do know is that I am going to New York to visit my friends. On my own. I guess that counts as a resolution. And what a fine one it is too.


English Mum said...

Aw Nats. I know exactly what you mean. We've been here a year and made a few friends but I still miss the folks back home and also have a 'okay, what now?' attitude to 2008. Still, a nice blank slate to work on, eh?? xx

TheRuleClan said...

and the song "Always look on the bright side of life" is now ringing in my ears! Thanks EM you always know what to say!!!