Friday 18 January 2008

More to it than that..

Malcolm actually started the blog. He chose a layout, thought of the name and did the very first post. She lay dormant for a while, we were still in S.A and life was full and busy. The point of the blog was really a way to stay in touch with family and friends and I did a couple of posts about our move.
When we got to Ireland it was summer and we had some time on our hands, especially as we were not used to it being light so late and light so early, ha ha. I started fiddling, changing the layout and posting my news. I was having fun, unfortunately it is also a one way communication and I got a bit despondent after a while.
Next thing to happen was that K’s school principal was nominated for a net visionary award and we were all encouraged to vote. As a good girl who follows the rules and some instructions, if presented in a way I like, I obliged and logged on to the website to have my say. That is when I found Grandad. His blog had been nominated and I decided to have a look, I read a few posts, I encouraged Malcolm to read a few posts. Malcolm and I laughed so hard at one we cried.
I started looking at some other blogs, and now my day is not complete without taking a peak to see what is going on in their worlds. I have found a community, a place to go with a cup of coffee to get inspired to go into my kitchen, laugh, agree, feel young again and learn a few interesting things about shopping, clothes, plumbing, the Irish, free range chickens etc. My blog is still for my family and friends but now it is also so much more too.
Thanks guys and gals, I think by now you all know who you are!


Hails said...

Hi! Thanks for linking to my blog, and leaving comments. It makes me happy. :) I'm just starting to take a proper read through yours - I'm a bit of a scary blog-stalker, in that when find one I like, I go back to the beginning and just start reading... you have been warned!

Thriftcriminal said...

Hello, thanks for the comment. I also started blogging really as a one way activity, opportunity to rant a bit. It's an interesting group of people floating around out there though. Good fun.

TheRuleClan said...

Hails - Thanx for the warning, don't worry I do exactly the same, only problem is that I don't get to what I am supposed to coz I am so busy reading about what other people are doing/saying!
Thriftcriminal - Absobloodylutely, and the best way to find them is through comments!!!

Is it just me? said...

Well tell Malcolm we all say thanks missus.
Really enjoying it.

English Mum said...

Nats: awww, that's exactly how I feel - the little thrill of excitement when someone's commented on what you've got to say - I can be alone in my little corner of Cavan and still feel like I'm not the only person on the planet!! xxx