Monday 14 January 2008


OMG it worked! Third time lucky, now if only I knew what I was doing wrong, but I guess I have really extended myself today, stop laughing techno genius!!!
So here goes on my meme's, and apologies as I have discovered that I need to expand on my writing and include some new for now here are my tags:
MYSELF - What can I say, I love Christmas and even though this season was rather weird the memory of my first real tree is a goodie.
FAMILY -Sorry, i feel like I should have chosen a shorter story, but there weren't any!
ANYTHING ELSE - This was a bit tricky, but decided that as it is the ONLY post my sister ever commented on it should make the grade!
MY LOVE - Now I would not really say that this is my LOVE but besides Christmas I think I have enthused most about my shoes, BUT I love my family more!
FRIEND - The only other post I had on friends was SO long and I really am proud of Karen, and she is one of my dearest and nearest friends so she deserves another mention.

Now I have to tag 5 people, I am racking my brain, I do pop into quite a few blogs from time to time, although some do not even know I visit...oh well...
ENGLISHMUM - this is probably cheating because she was already picked on by HeadRambles, but I read her blog almost daily so there you go EM.
ROWESRED - I am not sure you have ever been memed and as you are my only physical friend with a blog you gotta have a mention - Gor Rose!
ISITJUSTME - I discovered isit on EM's site and keep going back for more.
CONORTJE - Newly discovered after Christmas and a good find too! So I am using this one as a new mention.
Okay I know that this is only 4 but for now it is going to have to do, I will endeavour to read a new blog and add it at a later stage...Have fun everyone.


Grandad said...

Wayhay!! It's working :)

Just think of all the fancy stuff you'll be able to do. You'll be sending links all over the place!

TheRuleClan said...

I KNOW - thanks Grandad!!! I feel empowered and cannot wait to use my newfound knowledge again!!!!

Rose said...

I did my homework better late than never.