Friday 11 January 2008

French lessons

I went down to the library and got a couple of box sets of French lessons. When I got home I eagerly loaded the first one, it is kinda fun because it is like a game which places you in different situations and places. I went to the mall. I needed to know where the toilet was and I asked a sales assistant, he gave me very specific directions. If that was real...I would still need to know where to 'go'.
It would be easier sticking a fork in my eye! I will have to try again today, I have until July, yep July we are off to France. Woohoo! I am so excited, we are flying to London to spend a couple of days with friends in Surrey and then we are off to a house on the Charente River for a week of rural relaxation, bbq's, french markets and exploration. After that we will spend 4 days in Paris and then I am still trying to back to Dublin, or make one more detour for a couple more days before heading home...eeny meany miney mo...

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