Wednesday 28 November 2007

Fat Santas and other things

Wow, I cannot believe it, less than a month to go and it is Christmas! I am so looking forward to Christmas in the Northern hemisphere. For starters we are getting a REAL tree, I am just trying to decide where best to put it for maximum enjoyment. I love taking out all my tins of Christmas decorations, I have some that the kids have made over the years, ice cream sticks stuck together with red noses, cut out card glitter trees, pipe cleaners and polystyrene balls and more. Then I have the ones my mom bought me in my favourite shop in Harrison, Greetings and Salutations, nice fat Santa's in different colour suits, red, green and purple. The stained glass ones my mom-in-law gave me for Christmas one year, and so many more. The best thing about taking all the decorations out are the memories that come out with them. I have never been one to just go out and buy mass produced supermarket baubles. I like the little angels I found in a florist shop, the snowmen I found in a Christmas shop after Christmas on sale. ooohhh and the globe I bought at Costco with the lights that come on in the village, the big nutcracker my friend Maiju gave me....
Having said that I do think a formal Christmas tree is absolutely beautiful, but it definitely does not fit in my not so formal home!
Now I am off to the attic to rummage through my long does a fresh Christmas tree stay fresh???


English Mum said...

Ha, see? You're getting all festive! I love the idea that every tree ornament means something special. A friend of mine buys a new one each year for her children to add to the tree. We're going to buy ours Saturday and are aiming for it to see out the new year but maybe that's optimistic...! x

Rowe said...

Hi Nats, I walked past the Christmas tree place the other day and you can actually order and get it delivered, but I can take you there on Saturday or Sunday to have a look at the trees. - Don't buy it too early I would say next week-end or even the week-end after is probably the best especially if you want it to last till January.
Speak to you soon.

TheRuleClan said...

Oops, Rose as you know...I bought it already!
English mum - I found SUCH a nice shop with Christmas decorations and all other manner of Christmas goodies, thought you might like it, opposite the Goat pub on the corner of lwr kilmacud Rd and Taney Rd not far from Dundrum Mall if you are coming this way for a spot of shopping I think you will likey likey!