Friday 23 November 2007

Sleepless nights

Kirstin went to play at Ciara's house 2 weeks ago. Ciara has hamsters. Kirstin came home asking for a hamster, Jess started asking for a hamster. Now they both have hamsters. They have driven me up the wall asking when the hamsters will be at the pet shop, we had put our names down as the girls want dwarf hamsters and none of the pet shops had any. Yesterday I got the call, 2 female dwarf hamsters were available. They had both saved their money, they want them, they pay for them. The cages are pretty cool, tunnels, wheels, ramps, a platform and the little house with a window and door...the hamsters are U-G-L-Y. They are albino hamsters, they have pink eyes. I like the grey striped dwarf hamsters but the kids see inner beauty better than I do, obviously. I think they look a lot like rats, the other dwarf hamsters resemble chipmunks just a little. Which would you prefer? Oh well, the girls are thrilled and they have paid for and will care for their furry bundles of joy so who am I to compare?
Ahhh but wait, hamsters are nocturnal. We knew this when we got them but what we did not know was that Ruby, Kirstin's fluffy friend, would absolutely LOVE her wheel....her "wake me up in the middle of the night" squeaky wheel. Not good. So her first night home and she is not a very popular little rodent. Jessica's, Nibbles, has been a very good quiet hamster up until now but they can both sleep downstairs in the lounge from now on. I wonder if I can put cooking oil on the wheel?

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