Sunday 25 November 2007

Guest book comment

I always check my guest book. Most of the time I am disappointed. When I do get a message I get excited. Until yesterday. Somebody left a "lovely" message on my blog. Now he is entitled to his questions, but I object to his anonymity, "John Smit". Also if he is in Ireland why use a Georgia flag? I am open and honest on my blog, I even supply pictures, as this is something I do for my friends and family. As far as I am concerned as a holder of an Irish passport I am welcome in Ireland. There are many privileged people in Ireland, whether I am privileged or not has nothing o do with it. We pay our taxes, embrace our life her and have made some friends. Walk in our shoes for a few years in South Africa and then we can have a chat about the decisions we made for the sake of our children. Watching a grown man backhand your daughter in the face during a supermarket hold up and then hiding under the shelves with your daughters (9 and 6) while a security guard is shot, handbags are grabbed from screaming women and then walking out 40 minutes later with no policemen in sight is very sobering. Leaving home and family is not an easy thing to do, we miss the familiarity and the fantastic friends we have there, but we have made choices that we felt were necessary for our sanity.

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Rowe Unzipped said...

Hey Nats, Just read the really "rude" remark left in your guestbook, you know you can delete it and block the IP address I will show you how - and just remember you don't have to justify yourself to anyone, especially a££ho&es who leave stupid messages. Had a chat with 2 friends today one in Oz and one in SA, the one in Oz said she will never go back and her family are all leaving and the one in SA said "Don't ever come back!" things are going from bad to worse and it looks like Zuma is the next president! People who leave messages like that are either just being vindictive or jealous, so just tell John Smit to get LOST!!! No country wants YOU!