Monday 12 November 2007

They have been warned...

I can't actually believe I am going to do this so let me tell you before i chicken out....I am joining a Vets hockey team! They know where I stand, here is an exerpt of the email I sent them:

"No seriously, I last played hockey when I was 16, and as I was a swimmer at school and hockey was a compulsory sport during winter, I half heartedly ran around the field with a stick. Funny thing, as I have got older I have suddenly got this urge to join a club and play hockey, go figure! Anyway, wanted to get all that out the way because I would hate to arrive and disappoint a team who thinks I am a good player. It does not have to be Vets, if I am too young LOL, but I figure the Vets are where I may be comfortable, even if I am out of my depth (or is that breath) to start with."

I think that is as close to the truth as I am going to get, what do you say Lizle? Anyway I go down next Monday to meet the team and see how comfortable I am, they ahve 3 other new players which should help! BTW I am on the cusp of making Vets here, made it by 6 months, my my time does fly.

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