Tuesday 27 November 2007

A weekend in the life of...

Another weekend has whizzed by, they just seem to go so fast! On Friday evening we invited Rob, Irene and kids around for dinner. I decided to do lasagne, salad and tiramisu as I would not have to be stuck in the kitchen cooking. I used Isabella's recipe for tiramisu with a slight adaptation and it was all eaten, so it must have been good! Afterwards we got hold of the Playstation and played Buzz (quiz game) which was loads of fun, Rob and I came from behind to be victorious and then in the second round the tables were turned on us by Malcolm and Irene!

On Saturday morning Jessica had a hockey match at her school so Malcolm took her and Kirstin and I met up with them later. Unfortunately I missed most of the game as I had got the start time wrong. After the game we went to St Killian's School as they were having a German Christmas fare. I was really looking forward to it as I imagined browsing through all sorts of wonderful Christmas goodies. To say that I was disappointed would be a HUGE understatement, it was over-crowded and there were not very many Christmas goodies but there was a lot of second hand bric-a brac (rhymes with...C--P). We beat a hasty retreat, well not so hasty as we had to squeeze through so many people, and went home.

We decided to go and try the hamburger joint, Joburger for dinner as we had read about it and Rose had also recommended it to us. http://www.joburger.ie/ We had a look at their website and decided it was definitely worth a visit. We had to wait for a bit for a table and then got squeezed onto a bench. The restaurant setup is just long tables with benches for seats. Jess and Malcolm did not like that so much, Jess has this thing about sitting too close to other people....and she obviously gets it from Malcolm! Of course to make matters worse for Malcolm, Jessica sat as close to him as possible so that she could have a bigger gap between herself and the stranger to her right! The menus were brilliant, old annuals that have the menu inside the first page - very c-l-e-v-e-r! I had a Famous Five, good ole times! The music was great, all 80's stuff until the DJ got there and then he added his own...spin.
The hamburgers were huge, the toppings are unique but I had my burger in a wrap and the way it is served makes it extremely awkward to eat. We ordered a side of bush fries which were not really anything to write home about, and of course with such big burgers we could not eat them anyway. I thought the whole set up was a lot of fun, the place is very small though, so the windows got all steamy and it was very warm and toasty, maybe too warm and toasty!
I don't think that Malcolm and Jess would rush back, unless it was lunch and not so busy, and they are definitely the fan of the hamburger in our family. I think it is definitely worth a visit with friends, but keep in mind, the people next to us were asked to leave as there was a queue for tables so eat up!!!

On Sunday we got up late and pottered around all morning. Then I took a stroll down to the Farmer's market and bought bread, relish, nuts and some DIVINE croissants and pain au chocolates (spelling?). I felt decidedly European, especially buying the pain au chocolats, the man serving was very French, told me butter does not count on a Sunday, after tasting a sample of a croissant I decided to believe him! Came home and we ate bread, cheese and relish and later had coffee and the delicious French treats.
At around 18h00 Malcolm and I went for a nice long walk around the neighbourhood, of course it was pitch dark but it was great to get out of the house.
Monday morning turned into a mad panic, Malcolm turned his alarm off in the morning and we woke up at 07H45, the time Malcolm and Jess normally LEAVE!!! I told Malcolm to drop Jess off at the luas as it would be quicker than driving, so Jess still made it to school on time, 08H20, public transport sometimes you got to love it!

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