Friday 30 May 2008

Bank holiday weekend

Suitcases EVERYWHERE - driving around this morning I would swear that half of Dublin are leaving for the weekend. Sadly I am staying put - I MIGHT have to help unpack a 20 foot container tomorrow and customs are not telling us when it will be released. I had to call someone from the Dept of Environmental Affairs yesterday - they want to sample all the curry powder for sudan red - I think they assume that SA are a bit behind the times, but sudan red was taken off our shelves a long time ago! Anyhow, tomorrow I may be using all my muscle power, carrying boxes, silver cloud is that I am getting exercise without really realising it! Of course it will be a mad day, and I have roped the kids into helping, M graciously declined...he can think of more appealing things to do with his time. If the container does get delivered I will go into Dublin early, visit the farmers market at Temple Bar for breakfast....excellent, I can't wait to sample all their goodies!


My mad friend Lizle is running the Comerades….AGAIN!!! Good luck Lizle and if anyone would like to sponsor her as she is running for a charity this year (details below) please contact the telephone number provided! Off to do my internet banking now…

Casa do Sol School is a school for intellectually disabled learners situated in Linden, Johannesburg. Lizle Austin ran and completed her first Comrades in 2007 and this year she’s running for Casa! Good Luck on your first ‘uprun’ Lizle!
Would you or your company be willing to sponsor him per kilometre or an amount on completion? If so, please complete this form and hand in at the office or fax to the school at (011) 782 7736.
It does not have to be an enormous amount but every little helps towards making a better life for our children at the school. Thank you for your assistance!

Further information can be obtained from the school at Telephone (011) 782 0231.


Jer said...

Comrades is the ultra distance race isnb't it. OUt of curiosity will you post how she got on. its a fair race.

TheRuleClan said...

I will let you know how she does! She paces herself very well and last year was her first race, and yes it is ultra distance - a double marathon I think...I am not a runner myself but I think a marathon is +-40km's.