Friday 30 May 2008

Hamburgers fit for

The weather is fantastic - stunning, unbelievably sunny and blue so we just HAVE to have a hamburger bbq this evening before I go out. I made these about a month ago, had a little sulk when Malcolm was not really inspired to do the fire, in fairness to him when my lip hit the kitchen floor he did say he WOULD if I REALLY wanted him to, but if you know me it was too late by then, damage had been done...
ANYHOOOO... I grilled the hamburgers, they were delicious but just not the same.... *sigh*
Now the weather is marvelous and I am making them again and M already knows that when he gets home he has to light a fire - clear up any misconceptions early on in the day, and things are grand. Now as Jess, the hamburger QUEEN proclaimed my burgers to be the best in Dublin....and I was running against Real gourmet AND Joburger here, I decided to share my

500g lean ground beef
1 slice bread crumbed
1 egg beaten
Milk to make a nice sauce (yuk) about 80ml I GUESS
1 - 2 cloves crushed/grated garlic - depends on taste (leave out if you do not like garlic - NO WAY!!!)
a good size handful of basil chopped finely
1 small onion finely chopped.
75 ml freshly grated Parmagiano (spelling...)

Mix the mince with the garlic,basil, onion and parmesan.
Beat the egg, and mix in the bread crumbs and milk and allow to soak.
Add to the rest of the ingredients, shape into patties and allow to rest for at least an hour, well maybe not quite an hour..Feel free to correct me anyone out there...
BBQ over hot coals basting with equal quantities of butter and tomato sauce/ketchup mixed together if you are so inclined..You should be because it makes it even better!!!
For an extra special treat CAREFULLY toast the buns on the bbq before serving...YUM.

* This makes 4 decent patties - nobody will be able to fit in seconds...if they can they are just being greedy...

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