Tuesday 27 May 2008

Three Rock ROCKS!!!

Feeling neglected little blog? Well you should!!! I have been up to my eyeballs in having fun and have not found Q time for you and me. So I have poured myself a glass of wine and sat myself down to try and give a short (ha) overview of the past weekend.
Three Rock Ladies Vets team hosted a hockey tournament all weekend, 8 men's and 6 women's teams and in true Irish style, our guests were wined and Guinessed all weekend, with a little food thrown in for staying power.
It all started on Friday evening....many TR ladies busied themselves making pans (sliced loaves) of sandwiches to feed all the hockey teams, well to soak up the Guinness if truth be told. At 20h30 3 coaches bursting with eager hockey players arrived at the club, ordered drinks, registered, drank their chosen poison and then proceeded to fling themselves around the dance floor to a live band until 01h00...because the buses were returning them to the hotel at this hour, from what I heard the bar did a booming business from 01h00 to 04h00 or thereabouts...not sure if there is any truth in that rumour as the hockey was first class on Saturday morning.
On Saturday I prepared myself a feast of bacon, eggs, fried tomato and baked beans before heading off for the club where we played a few hockey games, watched a few and ate lunch in the clubhouse; the caterers did a fantastic job at keeping us nourished with all manner of goodies. We sunned ourselves while drinking gin and tonic and shouting encouragement to whichever team was occupying the pitch throughout the afternoon. At 17h00 we all dashed home for a shower and a makeover arriving back at the club at 20h00 looking like different people, not a sweaty sock in sight!!! We quaffed chamapgne in the foyer and then made our way upstairs to long lines of tables and claimed our seats. Dinner was great - will not bore you with the details. After dinner all the tables were cleared, chairs collapsed and everything was removed for the dancing part of the evening. What a lot of fun, it is so great to dance and be silly with like minded people!!! At 01h30 we sent everyone back to their hotel where the party continued at the bar while TR ladies slept peacefully in their beds.
Sunday morning found us all back at the club for round two, I did not feature much - the teams were tough and my comerades certainly needed experience on the pitch so I spent my time watching and shouting encouragement most of the time!
On Sunday evening there is a tradition to follow, TR ladies and the Yorkie team go out for dinner and we had a superb meal at a thai restaurant, after that it was back to the hotel for a nightcap and I finally stumbled home at 01h00 - exhausted but happy.

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