Thursday 29 May 2008

Walking on Sunshine

Now I am not sure how many of you read the INCIDENT WITH THE IPOD - where I merrily washed Kirstin's jacket with the Ipod securely zipped in the I replaced it for her and the other day I decided to give the abused one last go, see if it had managed to pull through its little ordeal and it had! Now I walk to work and back with music in my ears, I am fairly sure I must look kinda strange because I cannot help myself - I tend to walk to the tune of the song...but it certainly is a much more pleasant walk now! This morning I was going to catch the bus - still worried about my chest but the day is just so absolutely marvelous that I ended up walking, I could not help myself! I bumped into Meriel getting off the luas at Stephen's Green and kept her company until our paths had to part ;)
I crossed the Millennium bridge looked out at the water with the sun shining, music in my ears and decided that today is an outstanding day! Dublin is beautiful, life is treating me well and I am so happy, and ever so lucky

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