Wednesday 28 May 2008

Should I stay or should I go now...

I think I may have overdone it slightly this past weekend....I woke up this morning and my throat and chest were burning, now I do not get sick very often and I have hockey tonight so am in a dilemma...I have taken a fistful of Echinacea, 2000mg of vitamin C and am using my mind power to improve my health asap. So do I play this evening or give it a rest? It will probably be so sad going to the club after the weekends festivities, so many people and all the colours, orange and white, lilac, pink and purple, blue and white and many more moving around the pitches at high speed...tonight there will probably be 20 of us, if we are lucky!!!
We are also off to London next Saturday to celebrate Adrian's 40th birthday, and I certainly want to be 100% healthy for that, when we see the Collins' family it is ALWAYS fun.

In other news....Jess broke up today so she is officially on holiday, until the end of August, how long a summer holiday is THAT!!! Kirstin is not too impressed as she has to continue on with school until the end of June. I am now working Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and every second Friday from 10h00 - 14h00 still loving the job - I get a kick out of walking the streets of Dublin every day, will that ever wear off?
Summer has disappeared, yesterday was a cruel joke - 10 degrees and raining - today is still cloudy but at least a little warmer!

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