Monday 12 May 2008


My legs are a bit like pudding, jelley to be precise. I chose to ride my bike into work, first I escorted Kirstin to the luas, came home for 20 minutes and then set off on my journey. I only have to be at work at 10h00 so the roads were already fairly quiet when I set off at 09h00. The ride to work was great, it is nice and cool and there is a bicycle path for a lot of the way, sidewalks too...ONLY when there are no pedestrians present....I hope that is allowed. Anyhow, I got to work within 30 minutes which was pretty cool. At around 13h30 I started dreading the return, the saddle imprint was a bit of a clue to the possible (probable) discomfort about to be experienced. At 14h00 I grit my teeth hopped on my bike and headed home, it really was not too bad. My legs did protest at the only real hill I encountered and I did consider walking but I was a bit embarrassed becasue the hill really was well, just a hill, so onward and upward I went. I made it home by 14h30 and when I got up realsied that my scheduled evening walk with a friend was probably not a very good idea, so tomorrow I am having a lady day, a pedicure and a leisurely stroll around Dundrum ought to do the trick...ahh part-time employment is bliss.


coastal aussie said...

Really impressive effort with the bike riding. And I hope you had a relaxing lady day, you earnt it ! Thanks for your comment on my blog. :)

TheRuleClan said...

Thanks for popping in to say hi! The pedi looks brilliant and my cupboard now sports 2 new pairs of shoes...back to work tomorrow to pay for it all!