Friday 20 February 2009


My first treasure hunt is over. We started off with pizza in the lunch room, good idea to get the stomach well lined before heading off in search of 6 elusive pubs in Dublin.
Our first clue was a killer, we ran from pub to pub, every time very sure that we had finally cracked it - only to be disappointed. At the fifth stop we asked the barman for help and decided to drown our sorrows and pick up our energy with a Jagger Bomb. Eventually we called in for a clue and discovered that I had been right all along, in fact I had cracked the code within 1 minute but as my pub name knowledge is limited and accent different my suggestion was discarded...The pub was Toners and I had said Tuners....aarrgghh
After that it was easy, but we decided to make a concerted effort to be last and enjoyed our evening of pub hopping immensely. My favourite spot has to be The Gingerman and I will definitely be visiting it again at some point.
The evening ended back at Toners where there was a live band and a dance floor - yippee! Our team won the prize for best name (stolen from my sister-in-law, her pub quiz name Norfolk Enchants) I got involved in a bit of Jagger Bomb competition (which I won) and then switched to water, which ensured my perky disposition most of the day today, I finally hit the proverbial brick all at about 16h00. Tonight will be a quiet one at home and an early night!

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