Wednesday 25 February 2009

Good News

Okay, enough! I have a friend who is not feeling great. Every time we pick up a paper, switch on the news or have a conversation with somebody we here BAD news. Well I think it is time to stop, negativity is a contagious disease and I do not want to get sick. then,
I got my atlas - €24 and the price on the jacket? £75 - EXCELLENT NEWS.
This morning on my way to work the sky was full of pastel colours, unbelievably uplifting.
Jessica scored 2 goals in her hockey match.
It was still light at 18h00...and dry.
Of course I could just as easily have decided to focus on the bad things,JUST missed the luas twice(!) but there is even good in that, I got to grab a Metro newspaper for the ride in AND on the way out I got to stand on the sidewalk with my mates and chat for an extra 3 minutes! So you see I have made a CHOICE - I am choosing to take good over bad, so now tell me what GREAT thing happened to you today?


English Mum said...

Totally agree. Far too much doom and gloom across this Emerald Isle at the moment. My little rug munchers go to school happy and my morning walk with Bert is now light (and pastel coloured, as you pointed out) instead of dark and dreary. Happy days, I say xx

AnonEmouse said...

South Africa took two early wickets against Australia in their quest to win back to back series and secure No 1 ranking :)

melanie said...

I realized it is FRIDAY. Now that is fantabulous.

Have a smashing weekend!!