Monday 23 February 2009

The Intrepid traveler returns

For some reason time flies here in the northern hemisphere. This is rather worrying as my 37th birthday looms and let's face it 40 ain't too far away! But then I guess age is just a number and I have to admit that close to 40 I feel NOT. Anyhoo, my point is that last week was one of the slowest weeks I have know thus far, and all because we were missing a limb, well Jess really, but it was LIKE missing a limb. We got awesome emails from her, bubbling with enthusiasm, texts that were cheerful and we did wonder whether she would actually want to return to Mud Island. After all she was dining out at a restaurant every day, enjoying warm sunny days and making new friends. The best is that she loved "her person" or "her people" - yes that is how they ALL refer to their host families, I thought it was so funny when she was telling us the story of her arrival: "My people were waiting for me and when I got off the bus I think I heard my person say there mine is"
The highlight seems to be the disco they all went to on their last night, apparently it was THE best and makes Wes look like a....well I am not sure what, but have a sneaking suspicion that the third year students on the trip to Spain will never be satisfied with a Wes disco again!
Luckily Jess did not fall in love with a Spanish youngster on her trip, and TV in Spanish got rather tiresome so she was actually happy to wing her way back to her family in Dublin. She was so full of beans in the car she spoke non-stop from the airport all the way home and we are all looking forward to meeting S and showing her around Dublin in March/April.

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