Thursday 19 February 2009

Ho Ho Ho and a bottle of rum

I am embarking on my first adults only treasure hunt, yes ADULT treasure hunt. Our sports and social committee have decided to send us on a pub treasure hunt tonight and it should be just what the doctor ordered. Yep gloomy February has hit yours truly, and I hate to admit it but down in the dumps I have been. Luckily the stars have aligned and many festivities have been planned for the next couple of weeks.
On Saturday I am meeting a group of friends for coffee, on Saturday afternoon I get to see my eldest daughter again after a whole week. By the way...while on the subject..she is having an ABSOLUTE ball I am so pleased. She loves the family she is staying with and food choice has certainly not been an issue as they own a restaurant! Oh and a hotel, talk about landing with your bum in the butter! Friday I am DOUBLE booked. I have been invited to a hen party AND we are celebrating Malcolm and Warren's birthday at one of Dublin's watering holes. On Saturday night we are off to see Snow Patrol (YIPPEE - thanks a LOT Paul!!) and Sunday will have to be some sort of bells and whistles as it is Malcolm's birthday....phew.....may the end of my slump begin...yes sirree I feel it already.....

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