Wednesday 4 February 2009

Globe Trotters

And she is off! My BABY is winging her way to Spain tomorrow - Madrid to be geographically accurate. Malcolm or I have to be up way before the crack of dawn to deliver her safely to school for a 5 am departure on the bus. We are still waiting for her to decide who the lucky one will be. I had already volunteered my services as I could not imagine NOT taking her as I have always been there waving the bus off for tours, but she burst my little bubble by informing me that she might want her dad dropping her off, now she is in a quandary as to who should take her. Jess prepared a farewell dessert of strawberries and ice cream in a wafer basket and we were chatting about the upcoming trip and she said, "Two years ago who would have thought that we would be off to Europe on a school tour?" Too right....
The packing has been done, chocolate purchased, clothes co ordinated and perfumes selected, my baby is certainly growing up. She is so excited because they are staying in a hotel and she gets to share a room with her friend Ellen. Have fun Kirstin and make lots of fabulous memories to last a life time, oh and PLEASE look after the camera, and try not to stay up too late!

Jessica follows in Kirstin's footsteps in 9 days time, but she is going to Léon Spain. She is a bit more nervous as she is staying with a Spanish family for a week, it should be interesting apparently they have dogs, cats,a horse, squirrels and turtles quite the menagerie, not to mention 3 sisters and 1 brother (part of the menagerie?)...they had better look after her, we get to repay the favour in March/April and our hospitality could go either way.....KIDDING!!!! The kids have exchanged pictures, Jess sent a couple of family ones and we had such a laugh because she emailed Jessica in English and said:
I leave you some pictures of me because of my family just got old.
We had a good giggle, but as Jess says she has probably had a good laugh at some of Jessica's mails too! So Jess, have fun too and live a little, but not too much!!! Make some moments to remember, and yes you can also use the camera!


Rose said...

And the poor Spanish kid just googled the Rule family in Ireland and came upon this post ... ;-)

Lizle said...

Your thinking gave me the chuckles, Rose.
Jess/Kirst, have a blast!

Rose said...

Hee hee yes sorry forgot to wish the girls "Happy Jols" in Spain!

Natalie said...

Well then Jess is sure in for a good time in Spain!!!
I shall pass on the messages to the girls.