Monday 23 February 2009

Venturing Northwards

Yes, we finally did it. We went shopping UP North, this is apparently not something we should be doing - we are supposed to be supporting our own economy but sadly if we did that Jess and Kirstin would not be happy owners of laptop computers. Yes, they saved and saved and finally had enough money to make THE purchase of their lives. While we were up there we added to our dwindling wine collection, the savings are incredible, I paid €4.50 for a Jacobs Creek wine that would set me back €10 in Dublin! Again I know I am supposed to buy local but with a recession on and wine becoming a necessity to get through the stress I HAVE to go north or I can't afford to feed my addiction. I promise to continue buying all perishables in ROI, oh and I will continue to support my local Aldi and Lidl (very Irish stores...okay German) for my weekly groceries - their prices are as good as the north so they can still have most of my business....although I do wonder what the prices of those stores are like in the north.....please remember my post about BUDGET, which by the way I stuck to for the WHOLE month and even treated everyone to a Chinese takeout during the month!

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