Thursday 5 February 2009

Winter Wonderland

Yes, even through the office windows it was MAGIC. The snow came down in BIG FAT floaty flakes and it was absolutely awesome! What a sight, the walk home on the other hand was anything but, no wellies for me, just runners with breathy bits - enough to cause me to fear the length of time it takes before frost bite sets in -seriously people, I could not feel my toes. There was a bizarre stinging sensation, but semi numb at the same time and I got a little scared...OKAY I am not such an idiot, but it was SERIOUSLY cold. Of course Little Miss Clever had no gloves or hat today but she marched on fearlessly and made it to tell the slushy soppy tale.
In other news, Kirstin made it to Spain, sadly the Dublin airport closed a while later and so the French students missed their departure to Disney Paris, I think Kirstin was patting herself on the back for the Spanish language choice today. She is in her element - we have been told not to text as it is too expensive (who do you think pays the bills?) and she is well impressed with the dinner arrangements so far. They all go off in little groups for dinner and meet up in room 401 (so we were told via EXPENSIVE text) may SOMEONE be looking out for them....that's my girl!


Lizle said...

So where are the snow pics??

Natalie said...

Oops, I will have to add some this weekend, Jess put some on her face book and I forgot that some people dont have it!