Thursday 26 June 2008


Today Kirstin closed another little chapter of her life and graduated from primary school. Jessica and I went along to watch the ceremony and we muddled through the Catholic service with all the crossing and thanking and and. Jess made me laugh when everyone kneeled and she suddenly realised what that "funny cushion thing" at our feet was for....did not have that in the Methodist school chapel!
Afterwards there were wonderful snacks and the most divine looking mini pizzas, my weakness...sadly I knew I would not be getting in any decent walking as it was lashing rain so I had to abstain.
The 6th class all had the obligatory girls' wailing session with red faces and sniffling as only girls truly know how to do...then it was a slide show of the year they have all shared and it was fun to see some of the kids on their first day of junior infants, how they grow!
I must confess that I was not very sad to during the whole process, I think because Kirstin was only at the school for a year, I was a lot more tearful when we took them out of Saints last year, but the girls had been going there for 5 years. So now I have 2 high school children on my hands...let the games begin!

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