Friday 20 June 2008

A great walk, a lovely lunch and....

I had to share my favourite walk with you, it is from the Charlemont luas station to Baggott Street along the canal. When the weather is fine, as it was today it would be sinful to walk quickly and not take in its beauty. Of course you do have to look past litter in the canal which detracts from the splendour which is a pity but the peace and quiet of the walk is still magical. Today i got to watch the 5 ducklings show off their swimming skills and as the water is so clear I could see them diving, in a wriggly kind of way all the way to the bottom, dig around with their beaks and then shoot up at a phenomenal speed, shake off the water and go back down again, too cute! Mom floated around looking rather unfazed by all the goings on.
Then it was lunch with Rose which was of course fabulous because the company was good. After that it was back to the eye clinic and my 1 week eye appointment. I am happy to report that the only drops I have to carry on taking are the lubricating ones!
Now I have to go and get ready for a night out with the hockey ladies which is sure to be fantastic - I shall avail of public transport because I believe we will be having wine...have a great weekend now..with a trip up to Belfast...Giants Coauseway, a rope bridge and a comic show tomorrow night a visit to Newry on Sunday I would say that mine should be eventful! Phew!


English Mum said...

Gorgeous! I loved reading this. Have fun at the Causeway x

TheRuleClan said...

Thank EM - Weather is l-o-u-s-y today but I am sure we will still make the best of it!