Wednesday 18 June 2008


I don't know what to say...for once I am sitting here in front of the computer wondering why I prattle on about my daily existence to the unsuspecting public. I guess I need to remember that it only gets read by interested parties!
Some people have been asking about my eyes... my inflammation is under control, had an appointment yesterday - found myself tearing along the canal trying very hard (unsuccessfully) not to be 5 minutes late for the appointment, could not even stop to get a quick caffeine kick...and all is no longer swell, which is a good thing! Relief for me because I am so sick and tired of eye drops at this stage, sadly still have to take them but at least it is now 6 times per day instead of every hour. Not to mention the other 2 bottles of eye drops, sigh, but well worth it to have such great vision, although apparently the clarity is still coming. I do have blurry moments where I want to look for my glasses but a few moisturising drops in the eye and things soon look better!
This is also a very sad week for me because I have to say goodbye to Melissa, she is leaving the Emerald Isle for the U.K. She has been a great friend and I really am going to miss our chats and our walks. Tonight is her last summer hockey game and I cannot even play, no hockey for 4 weeks after my eye I will go up to the club after the game and we can drink a glass of wine together, NOT for the last time but for the last summer hockey time! Okay I think I had better end this post off, it is a slippery slope into depression....I will try for something funnier later, hopefully a funny anecdote will present itself later...

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