Thursday 5 June 2008

Spur of the way!

Living on Europe's doorstep is marvelous. My sister-in-law is off to Holland at the end of June and has hired a house in Enschede, she has some work to do there and will have my niece and nephew with her.
We all mumbled about getting together while they were over but were not sure of dates etc. She emailed me her dates and I fiddled with Ryanair and came up with free flights! Of course there are still taxes, but for the girls and I to fly it will be 90 euro return, for all 3 of us!!! I could not pass up the opportunity so we are flying to Eindhoven on 01 July and catching a train...2.5 hours - hope it is scenic.. up to Enschede. I am sure we will be able to do a few little side trips, I personally would love to visit Delft, not sure if it can be pulled off on this trip, but you never know! We will spend time up there until 5 July, and then we will go down south to Kerkrade where Marianne grew up. It is her birthday on the 6th July so it all works out fantastically. The fact that we fly back to Dublin on 08 July at 16:35 only to fly to London at 08h00 on the 9th July did not deter me, I could have flown back earlier but it would have cost more than double, so we are going to be in panic stations, but we only live once right? I guess I had better get onto google and find out a little bit more about where I will be...

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