Thursday 19 June 2008

Retail Therapy?

Today Jess and I trawled the mall, Dundrum mall that is. Sadly I am not the best shopping companion, I like to get in and get out with a minimum of fuss, for some reason I have never enjoyed shopping much. I think it has something to do with the mirrors in the changing rooms. Why do we look worse in THOSE mirrors, yes, yes, the lighting, the 360 degree view (Yuk) but I am sure more clothes would be sold with soft flattering lighting and a decent bloody mirror, I know we have to keep the 360 degree thing going, walking away from someone knowing that the back view isn't bad is very important.
So the M&S are hopeless, the ones in Esprit are not too bad, and I cannot remember a time walking into Esprit without seeing something I like. Bonus for me today, I found a dress on sale, a) my size b) I liked c) was marked down 50% and d) did not look half bad in the mirror! Jess came away with 2 shirts that she liked and we celebrated at Yo Sushi with california rolls and much time spent watching the belt make its slow rotation. Today for once I think I understood retail therapy. I guess it also helped that we were there for 2 hours, any longer and maybe I would not have walked out as happy...

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