Wednesday 4 June 2008

Where did you blog from?

It is raining, a lot! Of course as I left the house this morning I paused at the door wondering whether to grab my rain jacket and decided not to bother. Bad decision. I am also wearing flip flops, worse decision. I had to walk Jess to Trinity College today at noon, (about 10 minute walk) it rained the whole way, a fine rain so I did not get too wet, a few odd looks...crazy lady with no umbrella/rain jacket...but hey!
It rained the whole way back to work by the time I got back my cardigan was rather damp, and me with a cough I cannot get rid of...oops.
At 15h00 I had to walk BACK to Trinity, fill in some questionnaires and such. This time I got an umbrella from work but because the streets were so wet my feet kept slipping out of my shoes, I was shuffling along using my toes to keep my shoes on, now I think I need to disinfect my feet! It will have to wait though as I am still sitting at Trinity, on one of their computers (all my questions were computer based and as Jess is still busy they said I could go onto the internet..he he) yep blogging from Trinity - pretty cool hey!!! Who would ever have thought....

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