Saturday 27 September 2008

Just what the doctor ordered

The night out with Malcolm's colleagues was great. We sampled a delicious selection of tapas, cheeses, cold meats, spinach salad, nachos, potatoes in a creamy garlic sauce, marinated olives peppers and artichoke hearts...nothing disappointed. The wine went down well and conversation flowed.
We did end up in Temple Bar for a drink, but the place we went to was packed to the rafters with men which did not suit the 2 bachelors we were with so we moved onto a night club type place and finally called it quits at an impossible time, in truth we had no choice as the place was CLOSING! We got a taxi and finally got into bed at about 04h00, only to wake up at 08h00...what is wrong with me?
I had a hockey game at 12 which meant heading up to the club at 11 so that we could all warm up and was surprised to discover that I was playing in the 4th team. This was news to me, I had already resigned myself to be on the 5ths...probably as a sub/reserve! We had extra players and I only played the second half, and in a new position, left wing. I was not really looking forward to it as right wing is a lot easier but it was fine, I was comfortable and even almost scored a goal, their keeper saved it was not like I actually missed the goal box completely - surprise!
After the game I headed home for a shower and then walked to the luas and met Carla for an afternoon in town. We had lunch outside at a little place called Bocca - spinach and ricotta filled pancakes for me...YUM, Carla went for caprise salad and bruschetta - all delicious. Take note...lunch OUTSIDE...yes the weather was absolutely fabulous, I did not even need a jersey/jumper/sweater... I have said it before but I will say it again...when the sun shines in Dublin there is no place I would rather be, it lifts the spirits to an extraordinary level, gives me so much energy and makes me feel like I am walking on air.
We poked around some shops and I tried on some brown calf length boots, a must have clothing item you know! Unfortunately they were not very comfortable, but with a €400 price tag that was a good thing!
Luckily for me Malcolm was in the mood for Chinese take away dinner so I did not even have to come back from my "me" afternoon and cook, brilliant!
I looked back on the day and marvelled at how lucky I am, how far I have come since moving here a year ago and how fortunate I am.

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