Monday 1 September 2008

Weekend roundup

Market Bar was great, apparently unusually quiet but perhaps that had something to do with the mass exodus from all over the country to witness the Electric picnic. Malcolm's colleagues ALL wimped out, not one arrived but of course MY friend Kelly showed up, after she saw a facebook update on where we were going and commented on it which allowed me the opportunity to invite her, thank goodness, always more fun in a group!
We sat at the bar and had a good catch up and then Kelly told us about The Cellar at Fallon&Byrne - a wine bar where you can choose from an extensive list of "wine by the glass". Malcolm was in the mood for wine and as it is my drink of choice anyway we all voted for a change of venue.
The cellar was lovely, much quieter but the atmosphere was pleasant and we ordered a liver paté, a cheese and meat selection, both with warm crusty bread and smoked salmon on brown soda bread. We all sampled all the goodies and enjoyed a couple of glasses of wine, there was only 1 rosé on the menu and as I had been drinking white at Market Bar I decided to try it and it was good enough that 1 turned into 2!
We behaved ourselves enough to leave in time to catch the luas home which was quite an accomplishment...for Malcolm, he normally has to catch a taxi home after a stint in Dublin, what good influence Kelly and I are!!!
Of course we got home and ended up talking in the kitchen until 03h00 so we were still exhausted on Saturday morning.
Malcolm had to drag himself off to cricket and I went to help Carla as she has just moved into a house that needs a lot of scrubbing! We washed walls and skirting for a couple of hours and I think we made a difference, although there was just so much to do!
Sunday and Malcolm was off to cricket again and I spent the day pottering around the house, catching up on washing and then I fetched Carla and we went shopping for bolts and washers for the house and then I took her off to Lidl to show her how to shave her grocery bill by a couple of hundred a month! Example? I bought a punnet of premium quality nectarines for €1.99, at M&S half the size punnet would be €4.99...Tesco might be €1 -€1.50 cheaper than M&S and that is just one example, enough home economics!
And I guess that was my weekend, not quite fits into a nutshell but hey!
Oh...and today is the most magnificent day, blue skies as far as the eye can see, sadly I have to work but at least i get to enjoy my walk and the sunshine at its best...

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