Thursday 25 September 2008

Val's Suggestion...

So one of my visitors came up with a very apt song and I decided that it was such a good idea given the week I have just survived that 2 Friday songs was plausable! I never thought I would actually want to post an Elon John song but, well, see....I really love the video I chose for the my Friday song..check it out it is too cute...oh and Lizle...this is I'm Still Standing! I finally know what you are talking about, I logged onto my blog from work and the Friday songs were just white boxes...empathy my friend, is it not a brilliant insight?


Lizle said... that brings back memories! When I used to spend weekends with Catherine in Knysna we used to take her mom's car and drive through to Plet for parties listening to Elton John!
Off to the eastern free State this weekend to trail-run 4 Peaks.
Have a good weekend!

Natalie said...

Good luck energy bunny! Have an awesome weekend and a great run.