Thursday 4 September 2008

Practice makes perfect

With this sentiment in mind I headed off on a cold blustery evening (I do not want to believe that winter is already on its way...) for my second hockey practice. We started off with the usual warm ups and then did fitness training for a while which found me pealing off the sweat pants and the track top to expose shorts and a t-shirt, in THAT weather I never thought I would be UNDRESSING. Exercise is great, makes the coldest evening in months warm and comfortable!
I kept up the pace and was impressed that I coped as well as I did, especially when I heard the coach asking one breathless complaining team mate how old she was...when she told him I was again reminded that I am not the spring chicken I once was...she is HALF my age, my word I could be her MOTHER!!!!
Oh well at least I have Heather, she is close to my age! Speaking of which I am off for a breakfast with her and Meriel so best I sign off now and get the house in order before I go do the desperate housewife thing...

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