Tuesday 2 September 2008


And so the sun sets on another day and I think back to the morning, the pleasant drive that found me at Avoca in Wicklow. Joined by Tracy, Rose and Mandy where we enjoyed a couple of latt├ęs, well I enjoyed one, my second one sat unfinished on the table, somehow they had managed to mess it up horribly and I discarded it, not worth drinking or eating something that does not taste good. It was a fantastic morning, the sun was shining and we even went and sat outside on the new patio enjoying the view of the gardens. Sadly they had no mixed berry scones this morning so I lost out but I made up for it on my way out by getting a take away, a salad made with broccoli, baby tomatoes, feta cheese and nuts..it was divine! I hate standing there waiting to pay, all the beautifully presented food lying there begging to be tasted...oh I do love Avoca!
Now I am feeling a little more invincible again and not so tired...such an easy bunny to please ;)


English Mum said...

Sounds heavenly! (not the 2nd latte tho). Now listen, young lady, I'm still waiting for a job update. I've just trawled all through your posts again thinking I'd missed it, but nope. What's the latest? Gossip please! x

Natalie said...

LOL Well I am waiting, they have to do a background check as it is a bank, apparently it might take a while to get the info from SA...hope they don't get someone else in the meantime!!

English Mum said...

Ah okay. Let you off, then!