Thursday 11 September 2008

Nine Eleven

There are so many theories out there about what REALLY happened that day seven years ago, it really doesn't matter, who did what. It was tragic, that human beings can plan, plot and scheme to take so much life in such a shocking way.
I remember how quiet that day got, the skies empty, the silence all encompassing, the shock amongst us all, seeing the smoke from where we were living in Rye, Westchester County. It was a day that took so much from everyone, a day that caused so much death and destruction. So very very sad, so very much lost; innocence, freedom, trust.
We also got to see the human spirit at its best though, the reaching out of people to one another, the helping hands, the pillars of strength and those are the memories I like to hold onto.
That day will be forever in my mind, it changed the path of our lives, even though we suffered no tragic loss of life, and set us on a new journey, a trip we did not really want to take. Sometimes we still reflect upon that day and marvel at what happened, and what could have been....

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