Wednesday 17 September 2008

Sleepless in Dublin

I can't sleep. It is 12h30 and I was lying in my bed overheating with thoughts buzzing around in my head. This always seems to be the case after hockey practice on a Wednesday but tonight is the worst. After the fitness regime we got put through I imagined myself collapsing into my bed and passing out in minutes, but no...there I lie thinking...oh I must blog about our new eating program! Mmm odd. Of course now you are dying to know what I am talking about aren't you? Well even if you are not I am going to tell you anyway, in the vain hope that I get tired!
Kirstin has decided she is a vegetarian, after spending a week in August on a dairy farm and milking cows and feeding calves the thought of a juicy steak, or any other meat for that matter, makes her feel rather queasy. So humour her I have and last night I prepared a lovely dish of quinoa with broccoli, corn, spring onions, roasted red and yellow peppers with a tomato pesto stirred through, very delicious, perhaps it is a good thing for the entire family that she has turned her back on meat! Tonight was bruschetta and then a chickpea salad - salad courtesy of the fridge at SuperValu I must confess. Oh and to complicate things she will not eat fish either. This has been going on a little longer, she saw a show on fishing and was horrified to see how many poor dolphins became casualties in the nets and so swore off anything from the sea too. I am thinking vegetable lasagne for tomorrow, recipe anyone?
Okay, I am still not tired, this is not good. Tomorrow night I am meeting a few girlfriends and we are going out, there is a new movie aptly titled Women that we are all going to see and then a glass of wine and a chat should round things off rather nicely, except that at this rate I will not make the 20h20 show never mind the glass of wine afterwards! Having said that Malcolm has now done the kids school lunches a couple of times so perhaps a sleep in is not entirely out of the question! more thing! I am so excited I have figured out how to schedule a blog post (will NOT confess as to how easy it is to do...mmm) for a specific date and have got what I think is a great Friday song all racked up and will be posted on Friday morning at 07h00 - how AWESOME is that!!! Perhaps working and blogging will work out after all. Ha Ha!!!!


Melanie said...

My mom makes AWESOME veggie lasagna... you should drop her a line :)

Lizle said...

I can relate to the prob of falling asleep after hockey at night (I played 2 games last night...). Firstly, by then I've lost my apetite and don't feel like eating supper and then there's the problem of falling asleep - nothing a few drops of Rescue don't settle along with a warm bath.
Sorry, can't help with veg recipes; I'm a Karoo farm girl AND blood group O+ so I need (and enjoy) my meat.
An idea, if you can't think of a Friday song, add a movie or recipe (we'll sing it).

Natalie said...

Mel - having sampled your mom's mouthwatering dishes I will definitely have to send her a special request!

Lizle - I DID try rescue drops...they didn't work! And I had complete faith in them. Up at
7h30 this morning aarrgghh!

Valerie said...

You can add Cabriella Cilmi "sweet about me" also as a friday song !

Natalie said...

Val - Oh I like that song! Definitley add it to my list, thanks.

Melanie said...

jeremiah was a bullfrog..... not sure by who, but always good for a goofy laugh and a hairbrush microphone while getting ready for a Friday evening out :)