Thursday 12 March 2009

Crack the Shutters - Snow Patrol

I never actually wrote about our first trip to the 02 in Dublin. We went to see Snow Patrol and the venue is amazing - specifically built for enjoying concerts. Eyes Open is my favourite album but I was fully expecting to here all the music from A Hundred Million Suns because it is their latest release and was thrilled because they basically played BOTH albums! Here is one of their newer songs , when they sing the chorus I don't just fills me with a rush of positive visions, opening the shutters and letting the stale out, the fresh in, summer, freedom and all sorts crosses my mind! It is amazing what we can take from music and how much it can affect our mood. Have a super weekend - mine will be filled with hockey, I am going to watch the U16 girls at 10:15 (need to get to know them a bit before our tour) and then I am playing a game in the afternoon - looking forward to another fun-filled weekend in Dublin! Malcolm is also playing hockey on Saturday afternoon, and playing golf on Sunday morning....the guys are finally getting together for a game after much procrastination!

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Lizle said...

Yahoo - I have finally caught up on a the past month's news! Have a good weekend, Nats - sounds like you're going.