Saturday 14 March 2009

Way too early

So this morning then...bed was comfortable and the thought of a Saturday lie in utterly appealing. For some daft reason I woke just before 07h00 but it was actually not too bad, as I got to lie there for an hour pretending to have a PROPER lie in before ejecting myself out of bed with considerable force and heading for the shower. Sadly my Saturday morning lie in would be rudely interrupted by an appointment with a hockey match. Yep, off to a game at 10h15 to meet the U16 girls I will be looking after on tour.
I arrived at the school where they were playing and was rather confused by the kits running around the field. We do not play in green and to the best of my knowledge the juniors do not wear purple and yellow, I don't think...
A call in to my friend then - "W do the juniors wear a different colour kit to the seniors?" a hesitant "no" is the response and then.."Sunday Natalie the game is on SUNDAY". Up shot is that I now know where I am going tomorrow, I had time to do my grocery shopping and spend the morning at home with the family. Down side was cancelling the 10h30 movie tickets to see Marley and Me with the girls tomorrow! But as we are always looking for the POSITIVE it was a painless procedure and we are going to a noon show. All is well that ends well.

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