Friday 6 March 2009

Definitely, Maybe, Possibly

Wow, another week has FLOWN by and again I am faced with a weekend full of possibility. The possibility that I will actually get up early, the possibility that I will clean the house and the possibility that I will finally tackle the attic. Isn't it great to know how many possibilities I have!

Tonight I get to run around on the hockey pitch and play a match with my favourite people, the Vets - which usually means a glass of wine and very decent conversation follows.

On Saturday my intentions are to send Malcolm off with the girls to do some school shoe shopping, it is about time he got to enjoy trying to find shoes for Kirstin. What with her narrow mismatched boats it is always charming. While they do that I will put on my sweats, tie up my hair and get stuck into the house...I think!
On Sunday Em is coming over and I get to bake with a 5 year old - has to be chocolate as it is all she eats, as far as cakes go, and then we will take our creation to her house and have a tea party with her mom. What a fab weekend I have coming my way!


Tracy said...

ow Im intrigued - did you did you did you???

Natalie said...

I will have to do a WHOLE post on what actually did happen this weekend!!!