Monday 9 March 2009

How the weekend REALLY turned out

What a weekend! Hockey on Friday night was MAD. Firstly I got lost because the ground is down the tiniest of lanes and my Garmin (sat nav) kept directing me down a road about 100m short of where I really needed to be. To make matters worse my battery on my phone was on its last legs and kept beeping ferociously while I tried to get my bearings, drive and listen to instructions from Margaret. She did much better than poor Molly (the Garmin) and I finally made it albeit 5 minutes late. We started playing with a team of 7 – including our goalie and luckily 1 more person showed up so it was an 8 strong Three Rock team taking on 11 strong Muckross.
I played back, but had to push forward too and after 15 minutes I was exhausted, serves me right for skipping so many hockey practices lately!
We all played brilliantly, including me – I even managed to defend a long corner that came in at waist height and used my stick like a cricket bat to stop it from getting to target, the umpire decided not to blow on the illegal height so I was relieved that my aim was good on that occasion!
After the game we discovered that the clubhouse was closed and stood around in the car park chatting for a while. I got invited to a fundraiser for the U16 hockey tour, a dinner at the club on Saturday night with live music – a good cause so of course I said yes.
On Saturday morning I got up and started cleaning and then had to pause and go and have breakfast with a friend at Howard’s Way, luckily it is a short stroll from home. We had a great chat and delicious breakfast and then it was home again to get stuck into more housework. I had also decided to go up to the club at 15h00 as the men’s first team were playing in a big match and a friend from work was going to be up there. I took jess along and we had a great time, the match was brilliant and we won
4 – 1.
On Saturday evening I found myself helping out in the kitchen, well dishing up salad and cutting bread to be precise, and during all this activity it emerged that Wendy still needed an extra person to chaperone the team on their tour over the Easter weekend. Ever the eager beaver I said that I would happily help out if they were stuck. I am not sure if they will definitely need my services but if they do I will be going on tour (all paid for) to look after a bunch of 15 year olds, should be a blast!

On Sunday Emily arrived with her chef hat, apron and oven glove – TOO cute and we baked a chocolate cake together, well she decorated I did the baking and then she helped clean up – by licking out the icing bowl. I do NOT know how the child was not ill after all the rich icing she ate and she managed a piece of cake later too!
We ended the weekend with Kill Bill 2 (awesome movie, she sure can kick ---) and an early night!


Rose said...

Thank you for having Em for the day and the yummy chocolate cake!!!

Tracy said...

WOW!! Sounds like your week end was jam packed with activity!! Lucky you going on tour! Where are you going!!

Natalie said...

Well I do not know if I am going yet, waiting to find out if they need me - I can only hope!