Thursday 19 March 2009

I Want You - Kings of Leon

I am so disorientated, it is already Friday! Having a day off on Tuesday has me feeling a little off balance, but I ain't complaining because it certainly feels like the fastest week on record...and it is another busy one. Final hockey game of the season on Saturday (sob!) and then we have the Ireland Wales game to look forward to! In between all of that I have to do some organising - Sido arrives next Saturday and there is a fair bit to do! Oh...and I have a special request - to bake a birthday cake for one hell of a cute little 6 year how could I say no!? But where am i going to find the time??? Oh well let us enjoy the Friday is played A LOT in our house at the moment...enjoy and have a fab weekend. No pictures, but you can always do your own you tube search....

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