Sunday 24 August 2008

Keep your sting to yourself

On Thursday we went to Strandhill and ate lunch at the Strandhill Bar and grill while waiting for Murray and Georgina to arrive from Dublin. I took the opportunity to use the Internet while we waited and managed to produce a cringe worthy post using the crappy keyboard they provided, oh well!
I had read about the Carrowmore Tombs and had decided that it was definitely worth a visit, to see tombs from 4000 B.C. is rather mind boggling to say the least. It cost all of €7 and some change for all 6 of us to enter and we were lucky enough to arrive shortly before a guided tour was due to begin. We enjoyed the tour immensely, definitely worth it, we were going to do the self guided tour on offer and we all agreed that the guided tour was a better option. The scenery is breathtaking, the area is absolutely surrounded by mountains which were visible to us as the day was not dark and gloomy and the sky was not being weighed down by clouds.
Of course now I want to go and check out Newgrange too and luckily it is only about an hour from Dublin so that is on the ever expanding must see list now too.

About 5 minutes into the tour I had another Ireland first and was viciously attacked by a wild life creature of epic proportions....yes Igot stung by a wasp, which looked like a bee (is that a yellow jacket?) on the inside of my arm, the most tender spot of course, but as I am a tough African used to dealing with far more ferocious creatures I valiantly fought through the pain and after being offered medical help by the well meaning tour guide (rather embarrassing having all eyes turned on me as I reassured her that I was fine) I stoically carried on with the tour. In all seriousness though....the sting is NOT the problem, it hurts like mad for a minute but it is the itch that lasts for days that is driving me crazy!
Check out this link for more information on Carrowmore:


Tracy said...

Stunning!! Be sure to post lots of pictures on FaceBook. Mmm I stood on a bee the other day and I had definately forgotten how painfull it is to be stung!! And when the kids get stung, I scrape the sting out and say "Okay, now, go off and play"!!! I hopped around yelping and Dave had to run back to the house to fetch me half a tomatoe...

Natalie said...

At least with the wasp there is no stingleft behind - remember the first time i ever got stung? In your house in Welkom! have not been stung by a bee since...the foot must be the worst place...and the itch!!!