Monday 11 August 2008

Let the good times roll

I am soooooo excited! Tomorrow we get to see Dave and Emily, they came to Ireland for a wedding and are popping in to spend a night with us before they fly back to the UK. THEN on Wednesday Jeane, Sean, Ryan, Heather and Liam fly in from NY to spend a week in Ireland! They are staying with us on Wednesday and Thursday night and then driving off to do some exploring of their roots around Dingle and then up to Sligo. I am not working on Wednesday so we get to spend the day with them, Thursday is a half day so that is also fantastic and then on Saturday we drive up to Sligo where we have rented a house that sleeps 12. Jeane and Sean join us on Sunday and then we all explore Sligo and its surrounds for a few days. On Wednesday they go back to Dublin and fly back to NY.
THEN...on Wednesday Georgina and Murray fly in to Dublin, spend a night at our house on their own and then drive up to Sligo on Thursday morning to spend a couple of days with us at the rented house. On Saturday we ALL drive back down to Dublin, Malcolm and Murray go off to a bachelor party and Georgina and I are off to Temple Bar with some of my girl friends for a night of fun. The only snag is all the linen I will have to change, 3 times in less than a week - but I will do it gladly because it is just fantastic having people stay over! Now what am I going to be cooking???

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