Friday 15 August 2008

Yes...I felt like Super Woman

Yesterday I left work at 14h40 with a LOT to do. Jeane, Sean and all the kids were at Guinness and enjoying the view from the gravity bar. I decided that I would head home, the day was still brilliant and hamburgers were on the menu. On the luas I decided to call my hairdresser, a wash and blow dry could do no harm for my interview. I made an appointment for 17h00 walked via SuperValu for the hamburger ingredients and set off home.
I mixed up "Dorota's Hamburger" recipe -they are DIVINE and the kids literally celebrate when I make them. The mix is made up of mustard powder, horse radish, cream, onion, thyme, eggs and bread. I managed to prepare 16 hamburger patties before dashing off for my hair appointment - thanks Catherine it looks amazing!
After that it was back to the grocery store (SuperValu lettuce had been disgusting) for rolls, lettuce, tomatoes and something for dessert. I flew up and down the aisles collecting supplies and finally stood in front of a selection of plum tarts, apple pies, cherry custard tarts and decided NO. I leafed through the recipes we like in my brain and came up with a vanilla plum crumb cake (from my good friend Bills Food) the kids love it and I knew I had the ingredients.
I dashed home and baked the cake, cut tomatoes, cooked corn on the cob and decantered the coleslaw (Yes I bought coleslaw...SuperValu do a divine one with sour cream and onion). We had 2 different relishes:sweetcorn and hamburger I put out some cheese and fried some onions too. I felt invincible.
I sat down with my glass of wine and my friends and felt very satisfied.
We had the hamburgers - they were so good that everyone wolfed down TWO of them and then it was time to test the cake...
Kirstin was very keen to poke into the centre of it with the tester and so she grabbed a tea towel and proceeded to remove it from the oven, burning her arm in the process and turning my beautiful looking crumb cake upside down on the kitchen floor.
This is where I surprised myself...I calmly crouched in front of the cake and racked my brain for something I could slide under the upside down cake to try and save it. I came up with my glass cutting board and managed to do the almost impossible and the cake was back in the tin, a little messed up looking...let's call it rustic! Luckily the floor was clean and there was no way Jess and Kirstin would pass up this particular cake even if it had been inverted on the floor!
I calmly asked Kirstin to please clean up the crumbs and went back outside to finish my dinner. Of course Kirstin felt terrible and I had to go back inside and coax her down from the stairs, reminding her that now I had some really good blog material.
We all ate the cake and although it was slightly lopsided it was as I remembered it -DELICIOUS


Anonymous said...

I bet that's how they discovered upside down cake in the first place!!

Superquinn is my latest buzz... they do gorgeous salads and pre-marinaded roasts, a bit expensive but excellent for when you're caught short.

Natalie said...

LOL You are probably right! I love going to Superquinn and I discovered that they have a 40% off their products when they are one day from expiry and 60% off on the day of expiry...worth it if you are lucky enough to find stuff you like!