Monday 4 August 2008

Visiting the North side

On Saturday we ventured out at about 14h30 to go and find V's house. Malcolm works with him and he was having a little exhibition of his photographic achievements at his home on the north side of Dublin.
Malcolm had received an email invitation and had a look at the map book to plan our route. We decided to walk and luas as it was fairly far from us. I insisted on making a photocopy of the map page that Malcolm felt he had committed to memory, between me and you, I am glad I did!!!
Anyway......after a fairly long walk we finally got to the street, and went in search of No.7. We rang the doorbell, no answer. We walked up and down the little road and found no clue as to which house it was, although Malcolm was fairly adamant that it was No. 7, but what worried me was that the No.7 also appeared on the street sign and as Dublin has odd postal codes I was under the impression that the 7 was probably the post code.
Luckily Malcolm had the phone number of one of the guys he works with, C, in his phone and he called him. C said he would log onto his work email and get back to us. Malcolm in all his wisdom decided that V had probably waited around for an hour, and when nobody arrived, went for a cycle or an outing. Again I questioned his authority, surely he knew that an invite for 15h00 in Dublin meant people would only arrive at around 16h00, and it the invitation had been for 15h00 ONWARDS...
Anyhow we headed back from where we had just been, a bit of a waste of time but hey, we had walked the streets of the north side and at least that was SOMETHING.
About 10 minutes later we got a return call from C...No 53, ahhhhh.
We turned around yet again, we had come all this way, what was another little walk? And so we found ourselves at V's house admiring his pictures and meeting a whole lot of new people. It was a good afternoon and when we were ready to leave another couple (who we had hardly spoken to) offered us a lift back to Dublin centre which I gladly accepted thinking that Malcolm worked with him, only to discover that this was not the case! Anyway they were a great couple who happen to live fairly close to us and we had a good chat all the way back into town.
Malcolm and I went to the Wool Shed, it is a Southern hemisphere pub, catering for Australians, New Zealanders and South Africans and we had a couple of drinks there and watched South Africa beat England in a (cricket) Test series for the first time since 1965!
After that we ate a celebratory meal at Wagamama (noodle bar) before heading home.

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