Monday 25 August 2008

Slieve League, a different league than previously thought!

I spoke briefly about visiting the highest sea cliffs in Europe the other day. I have since discovered that they are the 6th highest cliffs in Europe, the second highest in Ireland, oops. Apologies, now I have a few more sea cliffs to find out about and visit! Here is a link so that you can read more about them if you like:

We parked at the bottom car park and walked the 1.7 km's to the viewing area and then climbed further up and looked down at the sea and marvelled at the beauty around us. They were not quite as high as I had imagined but as Malcolm pointed out, we were not really at the highest point where we stood. We were amazed to see sheep wondering around on the cliffs below us, I did not realise that they were agile enough to cope with that sort of terrain. Some pictures...they say a picture speaks a thousand words, sadly we are not the best photographers but anyway...

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