Sunday 24 August 2008


Sligo was fantastic, I love mountains AND I love the sea and Sligo has both which makes it a very special place to be. I booked a house in Templeboy, sleeps 10 people and each bedroom had an en suite bathroom which was a HUGE plus. I was surprised to discover upon arrival that we were residing on a dairy farm for the week, some of my senses went to work immediately...the smell of dung, the sight of dung, the gentle sound of lowing cattle, not to mention more flies than we have had the pleasure to associate with so far in our year in Ireland!

The kids were absolutely thrilled, and went off exploring within minutes of our wheels stopping on the tarmac outside the house. They discovered young calves who were being hand fed, 60 something cows for milking and a grey mare/pony, perfection. We got to marvel at an amazing sunset and a superb view which we drank in for as long as possible...thank goodness because by the next day it was obliterated by rain and clouds, and the next and even the one AFTER that!


Melanie said...

Welcome back!! Mountains, sea and DUNG!! what bliss *sigh*

Natalie said...

Thanks Mel! Good to be home and blogging on my own computer again ;)
You would ahve loved all the horses too...