Wednesday 6 August 2008

A Spoonful of Sugar

We sell this wonder juice called TimJan at the shop, we have a few customers who order it BY THE CASE in the U.K. and people come in specifically to buy it. Yesterday 2 ladies in the shop were talking about how marvelous the tonic is and so I decided to read the little tag on the bottle:
This remedy helps for the following:
Stomach problems and ulcers
Purifies the intestines
Relieves stress and depression
Has a calming effect
For healthy digestion
Fights stomach parasites
High blood pressure and angina
Prevention of kidney stones
Treatment of arthritis, rheumatism and gout
Contains certain vitamins like: A, B1, B3, B6 + E
Sporting injuries and stiffness
Snoring and sinus
Use directly on skin for eczema, skin disorders, shingles.

WOW. Can one tonic really fulfill so many ailments? The juice is from the aloe and grape vine, a lethal combination of disgusting flavours, I kid you not. I decided to try some, what harm can something with such a long list of cures really do? Of course I had washed my face, brushed my teeth and had already been lying in bed awake (insomnia?) when it suddenly occurred to me that I had not had my tablespoon of WONDER JUICE.
I made a dash for the kitchen, grabbed a 15ml measure and poured the revolting brown liquid into the spoon and opened wide. To say it is foul is an understatement. I have never tasted something that bad before, aloe and grape vine it certainly must be, no added sugar.
The taste stayed in my mouth and throat for a long time afterwards until I eventually fell into a deep and peaceful sleep...I will be using it again tonight...tonic in one spoon and sugar in the list of ailments may not be long but if people actually buy it by the case and it tastes that BAD it must be bloody GOOD for you...


Tracy said...

That is so funny, but I hear what your'e saying!! Lorna and I also found this "wonder cure" at the chemist. It is called PROSIT. Also promises to do lots of the thingies on your list. Just the smell of it gives me goose-bumps! Urgh and it also tastes disgusting! Has aloe in it. Anyway, we put it in shooter glasses, next to our sliced up lemons, LOADED with salt. We take a bite of lemon, swig the tonic, swallow and then chase it with another lemon. The taste is STILL there beleive it or not, but the lemons and salt definately help.

Natalie said...

Sounds like tequilla without the warm fuzzy feeling...I like the warm fuzzy feeling :)

Tracy said...

:) - I stay far away from Tequila and shooters in general!!

Natalie said...

Mmmm that is because you drank sambucca out of a COFFEE cup!!!!! LOL that was a good memory

Tracy said...

Mmmmmmm I still want to projectile vomit if I smell sambucca!

Lizle said...

Nats, its the same as Prosit - as Tracy's said. I've used both for years as a detox. I also learnt a valuable lesson: take it at night - 'cos you need to dash for the loo about 8 hrs later (rather than taking it in the morning and requiring the use of the office loos during the day). I think sugar/honey/lemon whatever would detract from the benefits BUT I hear Prosit is now sold in tablet form. I was actually at a Clicks Pharmacy on Monday looking for the stuff but they don't stock it so I'll have to try Dischem - maybe you could start importing the tabs (you'd be a winner). I need to empty the toxins before this weekend so there's place to fill-up...

Natalie said...

Tracy: ;) I did not even drink a cup and still I prefer to stay away from it!

Lizle: Welcome! I grimace when i drink the tonic, although I do not like the thought of bathroom I may have to stick to the TimJan.