Friday 25 July 2008


I am not one to generally believe in star signs but whenever I get the free Metro on my way to work I always find myself leafing through the paper until I find the 'MetroSCOPE'. Yesterday I was told I would be swept off my feet...needless to say that did not happen so today when I read it I smiled:
"A fantastic day for your social life, with plenty of new faces and fun vibes around. Just as well it's Friday - looks like it could be a late night. Dress to impress as you never know who you might meet"
As it happens I am going out to the pub tonight, the company that M works for has initiated a drinks night to coincide with the end of month pay day, so lots of new faces, as for you never know who you might meet...well I hubby and then later on we are off to a Thai restaurant to meet all the summer hockey people for our end of season dinner!!! Party on it is going to be a late night!!! I have been trying to load a Friday song on to my blog and You Tube is refusing to cooperate...the song is Secret Garden by Bruce Springsteen and Siobhan and I have been listening to it at work all morning.
I am looking forward to a 'me me' afternoon, no kids, staying in Dublin for the afternoon, a spot of people watching at Stephen's Green Park, some lunch and perhaps I will even dabble in a bit of shopping too!!! Down time before the BIG night!!!


Rich said...

pubbin and clubbin ! wow, can I go with you ? That's a good way to enter the weekend.

Natalie said...

Yep should be a blast...see you there!!! LOL