Wednesday 9 July 2008

Joy of Trains

Tired is a terrible description of how I am feeling today! After a whirlwind trip home of laundry and packing, with a husband kind enough to make dinner - and not too shabby for a beginner I hasten to add...I finally crawled into bed at 02h00 and lay there thinking of everything I still had to do in the morning. I did not even DARE look across at the alarm clock because if I had I think I might have cried! I woke up at 04h50, setting the alarm had not been necessary...and I was worried we would sleep through it!
By 05h35 we were all in the car on the way back to the airport, when I did all the booking for our visit to Holland I remember saying 'You only live once' and I sat there thinking...I am dead, so much for all that living! Malcolm was saying he wished he was travelling with us, he had opted to fly in the evening in order to have an extra day at work and I was saying...I wish I had booked for the evening!!! He still has to go through the joy of the Luton to Surrey journey...ha ha ha ha (evil laugh)
ANYWAY...settled on train after catching the bus from the airport to the train station and marvelled at the 90 minutes I had to relax, not sleep sadly, too scared of missing my stop...but sadly someone decided it was 'pick on Natalie' day and the train terminated in the middle of nowhere, well that is not quite true, there was a subway stop. So luggage and all the kids and I had to experience London Underground unprepared, AND with all the luggage because we took it so that Malcolm could fly with hand luggage only! Luckily I shone at my navigation skills and I managed to get us safely to Victoria without a hitch where we finally managed to catch a train to our destination, of course we had to have one more mini event. The train was delayed for 15 minutes due to signalling problems grrrrrrr but we finally arrived at 13h30. Shattered may begin to describe how I am feeling. Of course I cannot sleep so while K took her kids to an appointment she has, I am blogging to stay awake! The kids were exhausted too and are now having an afternoon nap, wow, it has been many years since I used that particular sentence!

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